Logging to Lumber
  1. forest management services, logging, buyers of standing timber
    Forest Management Services
    We provide logging services with timber stand improvement utilizing best management practices during the process of cutting, skidding, and hauling while considering the landscape and future tree growth.
  2. Log cabins, log homes, custom sawn log home packages
    Log Cabins
    Custom log home lumber packages available with approved plans. We can supply notched and set logs up to 28 feet in length assisting you with your dream process.
    Log Lumber Packages
  3. firewood, natural heat, wood heat
    Cutting trees during forest management allows for firewood production. Leaving the log site free from tree waste byproducts while heating your home with a natural renewable resource efficiently.
  4. gardening, landscaping, mulch, natural mulch
    Landscaping is a breeze with natural hardwood mulch. Nothing is wasted, hardwood bark and wood scraps are ground into mulch for gardens, paths, flower beds and landscaping. No chemicals or colorants added.
    Gardening & Landscaping
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