About Us
We are a full service sawmill     
Helmsburg Sawmill is a family owned and operated business since 1973 with 3 generations currently employed.  Past present and future generations working together. Harvesting natural renewable resources through sustainable forest management practices. Striving to provide a quality product utilizing 43 years of experience with a "NO WASTE" attitude.  From the forest, to the mill then to you, the tree is debarked, sawn for boards, providing lumber for homes, logs for cabins, mulch for gardens, sawdust for your barns, and firewood for your homes. Let's do business.
Forest Management Services
Buyers of Standing Timber
We would be more than happy to come out and look at your timber,while providing a full service of forest management services.  During the logging process we strive to please the land owner and mindful of your individual needs.  Following best management practices while cutting trees with minimal damage to the surroundings, placing trails to the log yard for skidding, observing water shed areas, and our surroundings.  
We will search and secure the highest monetary value for your trimber, selling to veneer buyers, grade & rotary lumber companies, and lastly pallet and tie companies.  
Our log crew consists of experienced timber cutters, loggers, & drivers with many years in the business.  Working efficiently, to get your trees out and leaving the area visually pleasing with the least amount of harm.  If agreed upon your forest will be managed for further harvesting as time and growth allows.  By utilizing timber stand improvement techniques, the goal will be to maximize growth and regeneration for future use.  
Custom Log Home Lumber Packages
Our logs are rough sawn poplar 16 inches deep, 6 inches thick and dovetail notched.  We have the capability to saw a log up to 28 feet in length. The sawmill will provide any rough sawn lumber needed.  Our pricing reflects materials needed for floor joists, roof decking, rafters, ceiling beams, gable end studs and siding, rough staircase, porch materials, main center beam, support posts and sub floor.  
Pricing includes setting the logs and delivering materials (within the state) from the sawmill.  We do not supply any other materials or build the home. Our clients will provide pre-approved architectural plans reflecting the design and layout of choice.  Pre-approved plans will be reviewed for accuracy (log home construction) and pricing adjustments will be made.

Custom Sawn Green Native Lumber